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We offer Removable Add On Pouches for your insulin pump & Dexcom devices.  These are a great option to have to offer protection of your precious investment.  These pouches are not attached to the belts as in my other regular listings and can be made in either a fabric front or window.  They are all removable via belt loop which is sewn into the back of the pouch for easy removable.   There are various options such as adding a swivel hook which easily clips onto your pants loops if not wearing a belt (this option does not include a belt loop in the back), a Velstretch Brand Belt or belt with matching fabric &  velcro closure is also available.  


Please note double pouch pictured below is no longer available.  It is only made under special request due to the bigger sizing.

Iphone & another removable pouch with a clear vinyl window for Dexcom (for reference only)




The ADD-ON has a belt loop in the back of the pouch which you can easily slide the belt through with easy on & off as needed.






Or you can add a carabiner or swivel hook to your ADD-ON to easily clip onto your jeans (belt loop not included)







Below are the links for the pouch designs for both boys & girls:


Girls Pouches


Boys Pouches


Flannel Pouches


Monogram Pouches











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