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My daughter Melanie - age 11 1/2

                                        ABOUT US

Dazzling Insulin Pump Pouches was inspired by my daughter Melanie.  In 2005, my daughter Melanie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 18 months old.  It was shocking to get such a diagnosis at such a young age.  Melanie started with shots for the first four months which was a good learning experience for us but knew we couldnt continue like this.  We then decided to start her on an insulin pump.  She started with the Medtronic Minimed Insulin Pump and continues to use it today.   It was the best decision we ever made! 


Now believe it or not, trying to find a good insulin pump case was very challenging for us.  Through the years I have purchased many different pump pouches - many of them were cheaply made, not enough padding, too small, floppy, inconsistent sizing, etc.  The fabric choice wasn't great either and not very fashionable for a child.  Nothing met our expectations.  I always thought to myself how can I make these better?


In 2011, I decided to buy a new sewing machine and started making my own insulin pump pouches the way I would like them to be - fashionable, functional, & sturdy.  I have put together all of the best features that I have found through our years of pumping and have come up with a great product that I know you are sure to be very happy with!


Over the last few years, It has been such a fun & rewarding experience making these boutique style pouches for my child and all of my customers.  I am very dedicated to my business and will continue to bring you the most up to date and unique ways to wear your insulin pump.