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Pump Pouch Details & FAQ's


Dazzling Pump Pouches specializes in stylish, fun & unique insulin pump pouch cases for children, teens, & adults.   




STYLE - I offer the latest fashionable way to wear your insulin pump pouch using gorgeous & fun fabrics.  I have put together all of the best features that I have found through our years of pumping and have come up with a great product that you are sure to be happy with.  I have many designs and "Design Your Own Pump Pouch" design options to choose from  using a mix & match of fabrics & embellishments for a fabulous looking one of a kind pouch.  The possibilities are endless!



QUALITY & COMFORT - Dazzlingpumppouches are made to be sturdy, using quality fabric, plenty of interfacing for stability, and a nice layer of padding inside of the pouch for protection of your insulin pump.  Best of all they are very comfortable and WILL NOT flop over.  Im very proud of the quality of my product and think that you will agree.


DESIGN DETAILS - My standard pouches are 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 which provides plenty of room for your insulin pump.  I can also custom size your pump to fit your needs.  My pouches are made with the belt sewn into the sides of the pouch which I find lies nice & flat against the body and prevents the awful flopping over - you may have encountered this with detachable belts & pouches.  The elastic belt is covered in your choice of coordinating fabric and has an adjustable velcro closure.  I also offer a side release buckle with either white or black elastic (no fabric covering).  You have the option of a adding a buttonhole in the back (a buttonhole is a small hole that is reinforced with stitching like you would find on a button down shirt).  This allows you to thread your tubing through the pouch and out the back of it so it will not stick out as much.


SIZING - Please have an accurate waist measurement in inches which will ensure a perfect fit.  I do add a few extra inches of velcro to make it adjustable.


POUCH LIFE - How long will the pump pouch last?  Unfortunately due to wear & tear, pouches do wear out over time.  It is hard to tell how long a pouch will last as it is different for each child.  Usually a pouch can last anywhere from 6+ months depending on how often the one pouch is being worn.  If it is worn 24/7 it will wear out faster.  I recommend using two or more pouches and alternating them so they will last longer.  I also recommend that pouches be washed in the cold delicate cycle and air dried, especially for window pouches.  If pouches have charms it is best to hand wash them.  The buttons or charms are sewn on or put on with a heavy duty glue but can come loose or fall  off over time.


Happy Pumping!!


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